Automatic Thermostatic X-ray Film Dryer
Automatic Thermostatic X-ray Film Dryer
September 5, 2017
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Dry Heat Disinfector with LCD Panel Display


Dry Heat Disinfector with LCD Panel Display

This product utilizes hot and dry heating to bring poising to the microbes by oxidizing, protein denaturation, and electrolyte concentration. It destroys cell protoplasm and causes the death of microorganisms by adduction. Therefore, it can kill all microbes within a certain time of heating Dry Heat Disinfector with LCD Panel Display.


Structure features:

Accuracy: High accuracy microprocessor P.I.D temperature controller with LCD display.

Efficiency: Quick heating, forced convection and short time of heating and disinfector.

Safety: Double over-temperature protection system.

Convenience: Timing function. Adjustable shelves. Big observation window.

Model GRX-9023A GRX-9053A GRX-9073A GRX-9123A GRX-9203A
Capacity (L) 25 54 91 108 212
Rated power (W) 650 1000 1500 1600 2450
Work room dimension (CM) 30×30×28 42×37×35 45×45×45 55×36×55 60×55×64.5
Outline dimension (CM) 58×50×45 71×56×53 74×64×63 83×61×72 88×74×82
Shelves 2 2 2 2 2
Temperature range RT+10~200°C
Room temperature 5~40°C
Timing range 1~9999min
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz

The parameters are tested under zero load operation with the room temperature 20°C and the ambient humidity 50% RH.
Not for long time cold storage.

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