Different Incubators And Their Applications

How To Pick X-Ray Viewer Supplier And Biochemistry Incubator
How To Pick X-Ray Viewer Supplier And Biochemistry Incubator
October 2, 2018
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Anaerobic Incubator

Anaerobic Incubator

The common cause of infections is anaerobic bacteria. But astonishingly these bacteria can be really beneficial for the humans as well. Laboratories have to carry out the process of their isolation and culture with utmost care. It is a challenge to obtain a good specimen and making sure that it doesn’t come in contact with the air. For this critical process Anaerobic Incubator is used.

It is imperative that there are no leaks because even a little amount of Oxygen can waste the whole process and it would be a waste of time, energy, and resources. Anaerobic Incubator makes sure that the atmosphere is oxygen-depleted. The bacteria is used as waste digester to wipe oil spills and can be the one responsible for beer spoilage.

BOD Incubator

Another essential incubator is BOD Incubator. It is used for various purposes including the growth of fungal yeast and molds. As we all know fungi plays an important role in medicine, food, and farming. They are known as the biological pesticides and do not infect plants, animals or humans. Whereas; molds are involve in the ripening of many cheese that we all love.

BOD Incubator is also known as the low temperature or refrigerated incubators. However it has full control on the temperatures with both heating and cooling arrangements. It can provide variations of +-0.5 degree centigrade over the temperature that is set. These incubators are mainly used for the low incubation purposes.

These incubators are able to manage both cooling and heating because they have heating coils and compressors both installed in them. The heating coils aids in the heating process while the compressor allows it to perform the cooling process. These incubators are designed for a test called Biochemical oxygen Demand (BOD) hence, they are named as BOD incubators.

Biochemistry Incubator

To maintain the development of microbiological cultures Biochemistry Incubator is used. It regulates the temperature, humidity, and ventilation. These incubators are used in multiple fields which includes pharmacy, public health, agriculture, environmental protection, chemical industry and many more. They are very crucial in many other fields because they give precise results.

Biochemistry Incubator is considered as the distinct equipment used in the cultivation of organisms for examining and scientific research. They are also used in the chemical processes involving living organisms. This incubator is common in both research and industry due to wide variety of applications. They are accurate with the results.


Every laboratory requires a right type of incubator since cell cultures and microorganisms require a controled atmosphere. In order to achieve satisfactory results it is crucial to invest in best incubators. There are number of applications of incubators in biology and medical fields. From growing cell cultures to reproducing germ colonies, from reproduction of microorganisms to breeding insects and hatching eggs, incubators are used in several important processes.

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