Anaerobic Incubator
Anaerobic Incubator
August 23, 2017
Medicine Storage Refrigerator (High precision)
Medicine Storage Refrigerator (High precision)
August 28, 2017
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Blood Platelet Storage Refrigerator


Blood Platelet Storage Refrigerator

The product is a constant temperature equipment, specially being used for sanitary and antiepidemic, as well as the storage of platelet in the medical institutions Blood Platelet Storage Refrigerator.

Structure features:

  • The main body and the work room adopts round cornered design.
  • Polished stainless steel work room. The shelves can be adjusted freely.
  • Electrical outlet and disinfection lamp are quipped in the work room.
  • Forced convection in the work room.
  • Magnetic door sealing. Observation window in the outer door.
  • Cooling/heating control automatically.
  • Brand compressor with eco-friendly freon-free refrigerant.
  • Microprocessor intelligent temperature control system.

XXB-II type:

  • Adopts newly Microprocessor PID control. LCD display.
  • RS485 communication interface which can be connected to the computer for the display, printing and storage of temperature and time data.
  • Double door design. The inner door is made of tempered glass and the outer door is with good magnetic sealing.
Model XXB-80 XXB-80-II XXB-150 XXB-150-II XXB-200 XXB-200-II XXB-250 XXB-250-II XXB-300 XXB-300-II XXB-400 XXB-400-II
Outer dimensions (CM) 54×57×107 59×59×138 59×64×152 62×68×159 66×69×169 72×74×179
Work room dimensions (CM) 40×37×55 45×42×85 45×45×100 48×49×107 52×50×117 58×54×127
Packing dimensions (CM) 70×69×126 73×73×156 77×73×171 82×77×178 84×80×188 87×87×198
Capacity (L) 80 150 200 250 300 400
N.W./G.W. (KG) 50/85 90/120 95/138 103/147 115/157 135/170
Shaking shelves 5 7 9 11 11 11
Rated power (W) 180 250 300 350 400 550
Temperature range 22±2 °C
Temperature uniformity ±2°C
Timing range 0~99h 59min
Working time Continuously
Shaking type (XXB-II) Back and forth, (Amplitude: 30mm, 60 rpm)

The parameters are tested under zero load operation with the room temperature 20°C and the ambient humidity 50% RH.
Not for long time cold storage.

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