Authentic Anaerobic Incubator, Biochemistry Incubator Supplier Shanghai Hengyue Medical Devices

Shanghai Hengyue Medical Devices Co. Ltd. has been a professional Anaerobic Incubator, Biochemistry Incubator, X-Ray Viewer Dealer from China. We are supplying the wide range of high-quality Biochemistry and Anaerobic medical instruments to our esteemed clients belonging to the medical field. These medical implements are highly designed and are sterilized with necessary materials to provide complete healthy habits to the patients Anaerobic Incubator.

Our Business

Hengyue Medical has set up our business in 2011 and is situated in Shanghai Gonghe New Road 3088 Lane, Fortune Plaza, and Building II. Also, our subsidiary financially viable entities are Shanghai Yuejin Medical Optical Instrument Factory along with Shanghai Yuejin Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. which is declared as our company branches.

Our Ideal Products

Shanghai Hengyue Medical has been dedicated X-Ray Viewer Supplier and also supplying in ENT diagnostic sets, X-ray implements, infrared therapy lamps, Anaerobic Incubator, Biochemistry Incubator, and nursing instruments all kinds of incubators and drying ovens for medical or laboratory use.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Shanghai Hengyue Medical is supposed to be providing better and equal employment opportunities to our talented people. We try our best to provide the best professional training and skills based on their own individual capabilities to perform the services and not on the basis of personal characteristics or values. We are here to provide our skilled employees with necessary free working environment to learn and grow for their own and for our company’s interests.

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Six Years of Pride Experience

Shanghai Hengyue Medical has been a reliable Anaerobic Incubator, Biochemistry Incubator, X-Ray Viewer Provider; who has completed the valuable six years of reliable services. We are always in focus on adhering to the latest advanced technology and committed to ensuring the high level of quality in our products. We are here to provide durable and effective medical devices used in medical needs so as to improve the services. We are highly involved in carrying out the leading trends of Chinese medical devices industry.

Hengyue Medical is recognized among the largest hospitals, nursing homes, and laboratories as the quality Chinese medical equipment and laboratory equipment. We are considered one of the genuine Anaerobic Incubator, Biochemistry Incubator, X-Ray Viewer Manufacturer.

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